New ‘Everyday People’ Exhibit Showcases Anonymous African-Americans

Though no photo of Ella remains, other images in the exhibition feature men and women like her.

They include a laundress referred to as “Ms. Hattie,” a chauffeur, the anonymous man in the ox-drawn cart, brides and bridegrooms captured on their wedding day. Soldiers returning from the front. Men and women, going about their everyday lives.

There is even a photo of two unknown UVA alumni, coming together for a reunion years after graduation.

“Many Black History Month exhibits feature famous African-Americans. There is nothing wrong with that, but I wanted this exhibit to be different, to feature everyday people,” Jordan said.

He was inspired by a 1969 song, “Everyday People,” by soul music group Sly and the Family Stone, with lyrics including:

“The butcher, the banker, the drummer and…

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