The fabric of reality consists of four layers; Spirit, Elements, Life, and Humanity

The Spirit/intelligence of the universe created Humanity through Life. Joy and contentment is the default condition of humans. That means that our chief pursuit is to facilitate a state of happiness at all times. Unfortunately, Life is now on a quest for universal awareness and since Humans can never excape our physical bond to Life, Life uses humans to do its bidding. Humans consciousness fools us into thinking that we function using choice but its mostly an illusion because we are Life.

Pure Dark Energy Waves (PDEW) created humans with Melatonin, a hormone that facilitates states of joy and contentment. Humans slowly lost our connection to PDEW so we became psychologically unbalanced. Life compensated by producing its own happiness hormone; Serotonin. The only problem is that Serotonin creates dependent conditions of Want and Desire as side-effects of the sense of happiness. And since happiness is a fleeting thing it also creates discontentment which manifests itself in the character of some humans making them engage in Curious and Risky behavior.

Life is a conscious entity that is manipulating humans on its quest for universal awareness. But, contrary to religious belief Humans are not “hosts” to a foreign entity; we are the entity that is actively protecting every aspect of itself. Because they are Serotonin driven some Humans appear to be naturally unethical but when they harm it, Life bolsters their Conscience in order to protect itself against its own tools. When you see some humans in strange places doing helpful things, know that Life is awake and aware. 

In order to understand humanity you have to observe its characteristics. Observe the aspects of every race and culture and you will see that humans operate with an illusion of psychological independence while at the same time clinging to the comfort of groups. Like Life, Humans lack universal awareness so we are limited by a fear of the unknown. We hate, discriminate, are envious, greedy, and desire dependent but it is because of Life why we are also compassionate, empathetic, and loving. Life cares for itself. In humans the sensation is described as love. It makes some humans mistake love for their god but the true god is Spirit.