Even a winning West Indies team can’t draw home crowds to St Lucia as Test cricket left to fend for itself

“An England tour is very expensive for us to operate as we cover all the costs. Putting up England for 60 days in $300-a-night accommodation is huge and if the local government are willing to support those costs we can’t really say no,” said Johnny Grave, the chief executive of West Indies cricket.

Ticket prices in St Lucia are between 60-140 East Caribbean dollars (£17-40), easily affordable for the tourists, less so for local fans. Only around £150,000 was spent marketing this series on the three islands, the matches instead left to become home games for England with tour groups snapping up most of the seats that were pre-sold.

Twenty20 and one-day cricket is vibrant in the Caribbean. Matches take place at work-friendly times in the evening and the post-match party at the Caribbean…

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