ankh life

The fabric of what is consists of four layers; Spirit, Elements, Life, and Humanity.

Life is a single conscious entity. It’s one step above Water because it can communicate with the Spirit of the universe.  Life consists of a micro and macro-cosm of Carbon based creatures that can recreate themselves sexual and a-sexually. From simple one Cell organisms to trees, animals, and people, Life is the most resilient force in the universe.

Life begins at a level where molecules of Matter form Nucleic Acid Compounds that string together to form DNA. DNA is therefore the basic building block of Life. Each and every species of living thing consists of a unique DNA structure called a Genome.

Although Life can communicate with the Spirit it lacks Universal Awareness. Therefore, Life is on a quest for awareness and is using every tool at its disposal. Scientists are now able to map the Genome of many species as well as manipulate the Genes within a Genome to produce mutant organisms, some for good and some very questionable purposes.

Human Nature is being controlled and manipulated by Life. Some aspects of Life are tools purposefully made ignorant of purpose, driven by Desire and Curiosity which forces them to take Risks but we all are equipped by the Spirit with a Conscience as a safety-net to protect Ankh/Life.

In the past when some Humans degenerated into savagery, pushing their consciousness too far out of balance the Great Spitit of the Universe intervened. The first intervention was a Spiritual Instinct but Humans used it to create religions.  

Now that religion has driven Humanity amuck with corruption and an over dependency on desire and self servitude, which threatens Ankh/Life, the Spirit will once again force humans to return to accountability and self awareness by targeting Human Conscience.

The second intervention was the strenghtening of human Conscience which led to increased self awareness and a pursuit of knowledge outside of immediate self preservation. Again, knowledge became corrupt but although it’s a risk, Life uses the Fear of Death and the pursuit of Happiness to increase its Self Awareness.    

Dont believe Life is conscious? Consider why Birds like seeds when their bodies cannot digest them or how a seemingly useless plant like a Dandelion figured out that it can spread its seeds using the wind. Most humans dont notice these simple things about their relatives in nature because we’re too self centered in thinking our illusionary gods created us to serve them. 

There will come a time when The Spirit of the universe will cleanse Life of its inequities. That time is being determined by the energy generating in another Star system.