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Moors Are Not Black Or AfRAkan

Afrakans are not moors

No disrespect but Moors are not Black or AfRAkan

The Pan-Afrakan Diaspora consists of several religious and cultural groups. The main groups are Christian, Muslim, Hebrew Israelite, Moors, and the Spiritual Agnostics. Some groups acknowledge their AfRAkan ancestry and some

Afrakans Are Coming Back To Life

Afrakans Are Coming Back To Life

Afrakans are coming back to Life, which will bring a new level of consciousness to the planet.

This is not a story about religion and false prophets doing fake healing. It also has nothing to do with medical phenomenon, mysticism

America Now Anti-Globalization

Pinky and the Brain

America now anti-globalization after Pinky tells the Brain to forget about taking over the world

20 years ago I used to sit with my children and gaze along as they watched their favorite cartoons on TV. One particular cartoon that

The History Of Black People In Nova Scotia, Canada

Black Loyalist

This brief synopsis of the history of Black people in Nove Scotia, Canada was put together in commemoration of Black History Month in North America. For a more concise account please consult the Nova Scotia Black Culture Society.

Nova Scotia